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Happy Friday Friends!

I hope you have had a wonderful week! My children returned to school this week. 🥳 

Whoops! I mean 😔. 

Or do I? 😆 

So I've had a bit of time to myself to plan some upcoming blog posts. 

I'll be putting a bit more detail into my posts this year. I want to research, learn, and share more about the history of my thrifty finds and all things farmhouse style. 

I also want to put a bit more of my personality into my posts. I usually try to keep it all business , but this year I'm challenging myself to share more about me. 😊 

So let's get started!


Today I'm sharing some recently thrifted paintings/artworks.  I'll be telling you a bit about them and why I chose them.  

Unfortunately, I usually tend to purchase paintings, then either hang them on the wall or put them away, and forget to share them with you all. (I hear your collective gasps and I feel your states of displeasure. 😂) I know... 

And I do care, truely I do. 😘


Artworks and paintings are high on my thrift list when I go to thrift stores. I'm always looking for interesting pictures. Sometimes I'm happy to pay for an interesting frame, regardless of the picture. And if the picture grows on me, it's a bonus. 😁

I've been experimenting with Oven Cleaner stripping frames and you can see my post all about it here


Honestly, I'm no art buff. I'll generally buy a painting that I find visually appealing and I know will fit the style of my home.  
After I take it home I may Google the artist (if there is one) to see if I have struck gold and purchased a really valuable piece and can now comfortably retire (or so that is the dream 😂). 

Maybe I'll put some more time into researching artists if I find any I truely like, however, let's be real, the chances of coming across a famous artist's painting at a thrift store is pretty slim.
In any event, I'm happy to have handmade pieces or replicas in my home, particularly if I know they are old. 



With paintings, particularly oil paintings, you can see the actual paint on the canvas. Often it will be raised slightly giving a three dimensional appearance. These are my favourite types of artwork!


Just like this painting!

I love this vintage painting. You can sort of tell the age by the frame. They don't make 'em like that anymore!

I had difficulty reading the signature, but I think it say T Janarts maybe? I  couldn't find anything on Google.

But I do adore the little shack. 😁


I love paintings that are one off original pieces. And that someone has put time and effort into creating them. 


I adore this small painting! I don't think it is vintage by looking at the frame and the back of the frame. It looks too new. In fact, I'd like to change the frame when I find a nicer one. 

I think the signature is J. Lelekov. Again, I can't find anything on Google relating to this signature.

Additionally, I'm not positive what sort of medium was used on the canvas. It's not as shiny or raised as my other oil paintings. Acrylics maybe?

Regardless, I love the cute little farmhouse and the barn in the background, and all the long golden reeds.

And I also love the way the white clouds have been painted in the sky. 


Prints are generally copies of artworks. They are usually framed with a glass covering. I have found that removing the glass makes prints appear clearer and brighter on the wall. You don't get the reflection from the sun or indoor lighting, distorting the beauty of the image. 

I had a picture I was considering donating back, but after removing the glass, I'm seeing it in a whole new light, so to speak. 😂 


I found this print at a thrift store in Gosford. I think I paid around $12, which is a bit more than I would usually pay.

I was drawn to the picture by the cool little outback town images. 

The artist is Eric Minchin and it appears he painted this image in 1990. Best of all, I was able to find a lot of information about him! 

He was born in Sydney in 1928 and was a self taught Australian artist. He is credited with starting a group of painters known as the Brushmen of the Bush. This group included the famous artist Pro Hart! The group raised over a million dollars for charities, including The Royal Flying Doctors, through the sales of their paintings! Now that is pretty cool!

I found this exert here

I think I have found my first favourite Australian artist!

Here is the image outside the frame. (I plan to strip the frame down to its natural wood.) The clarity is so much better. Behind the glass the image looked really washed out.  

I even discovered the name of the painting printed on the boarder. It's a painting of Olary Township. I did some research and Olary is a small town in South Australia, established in the late 1880's.  And I'm pretty sure the structure on the left is the Olary Hotel, which still operates today!

The framer details are on the back. I noted that their contact phone number is 7 digits. Australia moved to 8 digit numbers in 1994. So I know this prints is at least 28 years old!



Anything that centres around outback scenery and landscapes, farms, old houses and farmhouses. 


Hubby was pretty excited to find this Pro Hart on holidays recently. It's a printed replica of course! But he doesn't thrift much, so when he does, we all get excited. 

Pro Hart is another famous Australian artist, born in Broken Hill in 1928, and his works are widely known for capturing the true spirit of the outback. 

His paintings have won world acclaim and you can Google plenty of information on him!

I'm adding him to my list!


I prefer muted and aged tones. Bright colours or pastel colours would not work with my style of farmhouse decorating.  I think that is why I like landscapes so much, they tend to focus on natural/neutral colours.


Here is another thrifted homemade painting. I love the subject matter of course, and the way the artist has blended the colours.

How sweet is this little house!


It's All In the Details!

Wooden frames are my favourite. Especially the more intricately carved ones. They add texture and interest. I don't have many of these but I am on the look out! 👀



Some vintage prints have also come with plastic frames that are printed to look like varnished wood. I believe this used to be quite popular (like in the 70's!). These are probably my least favourite, but at the same time they are original to the piece and so I have kept them. They can always be changed out at a later date.


I actually can't remember where I got this painting, but it's quite large.

And it has one of those funky plastic faux wood grain frames, the with gold paint border. 

How cute is the rainwater tank next to the little farm house!

Again, I believe this is an amateur piece. Just having the name Carter as the signature makes it hard to nail any facts down Google. I do know a lot of time and effort (and paint) was put into this one. I love all the tiny brush strokes.


My art may not be famous or expensive. But it does bring me joy. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It may not have been everyone's taste (hence why it's at the thrift store 😂) and that's okay. Cause sometimes it just needs to find another home and another eye. 😃 


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  1. Hi Julie, I am also a big art collector from the Thrift Store and, like you, buy what is appealing to me or will fit my home and sometimes art for the frame. I've been lucky to actually find some relatively valuable paintings which is always a bonus. However, nothing to retire on. Enjoyed your post an all the information you were able to share.
    Lynne, Thrifting Wonderland

    1. Hi Lynne and thanks for stopping by! That is so cool that you have found some valuable paintings! I just popped over to your blog. I'll be sure to follow you! Have a great week! Julie


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