Christmas Village Display Cabinet Using Vintage Items

Happy Sunday Friends!

Can you believe it is less than 2 weeks till Christmas? It feels like this month is just flying by!

Today I'm so excited to be sharing my vintage inspired Christmas Village Display Cabinet!

I wanted to repurpose some vintage items into my decor this year, and I found some pretty cool items for my village displays.  

As a backdrop for my village, I first laid down fairy lights on each shelf. I then laid polyester batting on each shelf, over the lights, knowing that they lights would shine through the batting. 

Each shelf contains a number of small vignettes. In this one I've used old books as a riser. As tree stands I've used vintage cotton reels and old door handles. And a vintage doily provides a great little snowy base for my little light up house.

I'm so excited to have discovered this next idea! This old metal vintage grater, topped with a vintage metal funnel makes an awesome little silo.  😍

Another cool little idea was to add some rusty vintage cookie cutter people to my snowy village. And an old metal pie/tart tin makes a perfect little riser for my cotton reel base tree.

And here are the neighbours! 😂

The little red trucks are from Big W. I was planning on painting them white. Maybe next year. 😁

On the bottom shelf I created another little building using another rusty old vintage metal grater, and for the top I used a stack of old vintage weights from my vintage scales. 

I also found this cute little tarnished brass cookie cutter sleigh. 

And the little wooden "tree" on the right I found at the thrift store. I don't know exactly what it is. Some sort of wooden spindle perhaps? Not that it matters. I still think it is super cute! 😍

And that's a wrap for my Christmas display cabinet. 

Next up, a few more pretty village scenes in the living room!

See you soon!

Take care and stay safe!

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