New Neutral Cushions and Throw


Happy Monday Peeps! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We grabbed a bunch of stuff at Bunnings for some projects we are currently working on. I can't wait to share, but more to come on those later. Today I'm sharing some really cute cushions and a throw I purchased from Spotlight a short while ago. 

First up is this beautiful stripe cushion from Logan and Mason. I was lucky enough to score this one 50% off and would really like to grab another one. It is a so soft and a great size (50x50cms). And it has worn and washed up really well. Two thumbs up! 👍👍

The tassel cushion is from the Ombre collection. I like this cushion, but I don't love it. It's a bit smaller than my other cushions (45x45cms), and those tassels while they look great, are super uncomfortable if you lie on them. I speak from experience. Not a nana nap cushion at all. And I'm not sure how washing will go. It's one thumb up for this one. 👍

And lastly my cotton throw, also from the Ombre collection. While we haven't really used it yet so I haven't had to wash it yet, it does feel super soft and I love the tassel work around the edges.  Ascetically I'd give it two thumbs up. 😁

I've got my eye out for some more of these cotton throws. They are so nice for the lounge in summer. We currently only have fluffy winter ones. I'd love one for the end of our bed too.  Which reminds me, I will be sharing our bedroom shortly. The walls have all been painted and sharpie shiplapped, just a bit of styling to go. 😊

I hope you all enjoy your week. The Australian Open tennis started here today and I'm excited to be watching some of the games, from the comfort of my living room. 😉  We also currently have workman in the roof installing insulation. We have put off the insulation for 10 years so this is also very exciting. The flow on effect of this is that we have started a new project in the living room so stay tuned for that one. 

Take care everyone,