Ikea Hemnes Chest of 2 Drawers Review


Happy Wednesday Friends!

How has your week been so far?

My Monday started with some long overdue gardening, and in turn ended with me pulling a muscle in my lower back. Ouch is correct. So the rest of the week will now be spent resting. Luckily my fingers can still type, and so today, as promised, I'll be reviewing our new Ikea Hemnes Bedside Tables. 😁

I purchased these chests of drawers as part of our recent bedroom makeover.  You can see the full transformation here

Where do I begin? 

Quality - These bedside tables/drawers are solid pine wood. They are strong and sturdy and look like they will be resistant to most minor scratches. And they wipe clean.

Appearance - They have a white stain, coated with a clear acrylic lacquer. They look and feel great. I had wanted the pure white colour but it was out of stock. In all honesty, they look pure white so I have no complaints. The cute little black knobs also go perfectly. And I love shape and clean lines.  They match our bed perfectly.  I also like that they have legs that are high enough to vacuum under. Another bonus!

Ease of Construction - I'll admit I didn't put them together. I left that to my husband and daughter. In their opinions, they were relatively easy to put together. I'd say it took about an hour to put each one together. All the pieces were included and they all fit together nicely.

Features - One of my favourite features is the small lift out drawer in the top drawer. It slides so you can put items in the space below, or lift it out for larger items. 

It also has this super cute striped lining. In fact, all the drawers have it. So cute!

Further, the drawers both have smooth runners with a pull out stop. And they aren't too noisy. That was one of the complaints with my old ones, they were really noisy sliding on the runners and banged open and shut. 

Size - As to size, they are quite generous. The exact dimensions are:
Width: 54 cm
Depth: 38 cm
Height: 66 cm
Depth of drawer (inside): 31 cm

Given we have a small bedroom, the size is perfect!

Price - The cost of each chest of drawers was AU$149.  I saw very similar ones at another shop for the same price that weren't even real wood. And a lot of others were double or triple the price, so in my opinion, they were definitely a bargain.

Overall - Yes I would totally recommend them to a friend! We have had them for about a week and I can't find any problems or negatives.  So if you are thinking of purchasing new bedside tables I strongly suggest you consider these ones from Ikea. They also come in a black/brown colour. 

Hopefully you found my review helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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