Farmhouse Neutral Bedroom Makeover including Sharpie Shiplap

Happy Monday Everyone! 

How was your weekend? 

I had an awesome time factory outlet shopping with my best girlfriends and spending way too much money. So I've got a few purchases to share with you in coming posts!

 But today I'm excited to be sharing our bedroom makeover! 

If you read my last post, you will know that the drywall and I had a little falling out. You'll be happy to know that we are friends again now. 😊 

With a bit of tweaking to my original idea, the wall and I came to a compromise. The compromise was I would leave the MDF board and baton, and do my Sharpie Shiplap on the blank wall area above. 

You see, after completing the sharpie shiplap in the living room (which you can see here), I had an itch to put it on every wall in the house! Of course that was just an itch. In reality, I probably wouldn't.  I did say probably. Anyway, I did want to try this technique in our bedroom, despite the fact that I had already created board and baton using MDF and liquid nails. Which, I learnt the hard way, you really cannot remove without taking half the drywall with it. You can see my "drywall disaster" here.

Here is what the room pretty much looked like before. The last time I did any real decorating in our bedroom was in late 2018 so it was way overdue for a makeover. I usually decorate the shelf above the bed for Christmas each year, but that's about it. 

To implement my Sharpie Shiplap, I first painted the top of the walls pure white using British Paints White. It is a very pretty bright white. Then I measured out my walls and decided the best width from my lines which was 16.5 cms each. I used the same method as the living room which you can see here

I took down the shelf above the bed and hung the cow print I received for my birthday in December, and I moved the metal wall vases to the opposite wall. 

I had painted the chandelier black a few years back and removed the shade, but the problem was the light globes were always super bright, even the low wattage ones. So I repainted the chandelier white and attached some neutral fabric to the frame using my hot glue gun.  It feels a lot more cosy now. 😊

I'd been wanting new bedside tables for a while. I loved the old ones, but I was ready for a change. I purchased new bedside tables from Ikea. They are the Hemnes style in a White Stain. I would have liked the pure white, but honestly, I can't tell the difference. I'll provide a more in depth review of them shortly!

While I was at Ikea, I also purchased a tin of their white paint to paint our bed. I purchased our bed a few years ago from Early Settler and while I promised I would never paint it, it was only a matter of time. 😜

It's the first time I have used Ikea paint and I was impressed with how smooth it was. It did take about 4 coats to cover the dark wood, and I did resort to mixing in a bit of grout to thicken it up for the last coat. But that is my mistake, I should have used an undercoat/sealer first. Fingers crossed it holds up. 😬

I also purchased new bedding and I'll share all the details and my opinions in a separate post shortly. 😁

And as for my drywall disaster 😩 ...

You wouldn't even know it happened! Well physically, emotionally I'm still a little fragile. πŸ˜•

After attaching new sheets of MDF board and painting them white I was able to draw in my lines to blend with the rest of the walls.

I also spray painted the light switch cover black to match in with the sharpie shiplap lines. 

A while ago I also switched out all our door handles with black ones. I love the contrast with the white doors so much better than the original silver handles.  I purchased the new knobs at Bunnings for around $12 each.

On the right hand side of our bedroom are our built in wardrobes. At one stage I attempted to cover them with fabric. I've also thought about framing them with wood or even covering them with wood to look more like barn doors.  Something to think about. 

Another thing I might consider is replacing the current grey rug with something more neutral. 

At the end of the bed was our chests of drawers and the TV. I do like to crawl into bed when the kids go to sleep and watch myself some Netflix. (Speaking of which, I just finished Firefly Lane with Katherine Heigl which I highly recommend for all the ladies.  I also just finished Your Honour on Stan. Another must see!)   

So here is what this area used to look like ...

And now ...

Our tallboys were originally wood tone, but I painted them white and added a plank of wood to the top of them. 

Looking at them now, I may take off the handles and spray paint them black to tie in with the rest of the bedroom hardware.

The metal wall vases used to be a above the bed, but I've hung them on either side of the TV.  I originally purchased them and the flowers from Early Settler.

And I finally found a home for my Spotlight Simply Blessed sign! πŸ‘ 

In the corner of the room is my husband's computer desk, and on the adjoining wall we have two large windows with white blinds, black curtain rods from Ikea and beige block out curtains which I think I bought from Kmart. The round mirror I also purchased from Kmart.

This is hubby's side of the bed and it never ever looks this neat! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Lately when I've had an idea I like to photograph the area and put together a mock photo of what I'm hoping to accomplish. Here is the original mock up in Pages of my hopes for our bedroom makeover.
And the finished result ...

I'm super happy with how our bedroom turned out. It is a very small room but all the white makes it feel bigger now. The cow print makes the room a bit more masculine for hubby. Plus I do love me a Highland Cow print! 😍

I know this was a long post and I hope you made it to the end, but I never blog this room much so I'm making up for lost time. πŸ˜›

Enjoy the rest of your week! 


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  1. I love it!! I want to do this in a couple of rooms, lol!! I wish I would have known this technique a few years ago. Thank you, pinning!

  2. I love how your sharpie shiplap turned out! Your whole room makeover is lovely! It will be featured on Sundays on Silverado tomorrow! :-)

    Niky @ The House on Silverado

    1. Hi Niky, I'm so excited to be featured! Thank you!

  3. Hello Julie, joining in from Inspire Me Tuesday link party. This makeover was absolutely stunning. Everything you did from the color palette to the mock-up board came out so refreshing.


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