Paint Dipped Pinecone Fail

After making my Epsom Salt Snow Ball Ornaments, I knew I wanted to paint some pinecones white to hang on my tree as well. I had a bunch of pinecones I collected a few years ago that had been sitting in the garage doing nothing so I figured if they didn't turn out I wouldn't be too upset. Lucky, cause they didn't work out as planned! Here's the story.

 I looked up a few different methods, including spray painting, but the dipped pinecones looked the best.

I had a tin of white paint I had bought a while ago from Aldi which I used to dip into. I dipped straight into the can.

 Then tapped and let the excess drain off for a minute or two.

And then placed them on a plastic bag to let most the paint drip off.

Then I moved them to a plastic muffin container to drain some more. And then back to another plastic bag. 

Then I placed them outside to dry. But they didn't. They just sat in puddles of paint. So I grabbed an old cardboard box, a clothes airer and some string and tied them up to drip dry overnight. 

Overall it was a messy job. 

After a few days and when I was sure they were fully dry, I brought them inside. It was at this time that I noticed they had all closed up!  Tight heavy little pinecones was not the look I was going for. It was so disappointing. :(

 I looked up other posts where the same thing had happened and tried baking them in the oven for 2 hours and some opened a bit, but that just made them look worse. I also left them in the sun for a few days and still they refused to open back up. 

They were way too heavy to hang on my tree, but luckily I had plenty of unpainted cones which I decided to use on my tree instead. 

And as for these ones I found a lantern to hide/display them in. And the rest I've put aside in case I want to incorporate them into trays or table/shelf displays. 

Maybe it would have helped if I watered the paint down a bit or had them drip drying sooner. I really don't know. If you have any idea what I did wrong I'd love you to leave me a message in the comments.


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