Laundry Room Reveal

Welcome to my laundry room reveal!
It's been a long time since I've given the laundry a makeover (like 5 years!!), and I'll admit, it was long overdue.
Here's a few "before" photos (please excuse the mess) ...
We had steps for the cats to jump up on.
And those horrible orange tiles.

And now ...
Let's start out front with my DIY laundry sign.
Directly in front as you walk in is our second freezer. Honestly, we had no where else to put it and seeing the laundry is off the kitchen, it made sense.
To the left as you walk in is a cupboard with an old shutter door. I store all our cleaning and some hardware items in here. It's a mess so I will spare your eyes. 
The metal wreath I got a while ago from Early Settler. 
Above the fridge of have my Ikea terrarium containing Ikea plants.
Next to the freezer is the washer and dryer. Everyone always asks about the hanging dryer. Yes it is upside down and attached to the wall. They are made to either be on the floor, or wall mounted upside down so you can reach the buttons. And in such a small laundry room, wall mounting dryers are a must. 
On the washing machine I have added a wooden storage tray, and behind it is a square of scrap coffee table wood I cut to size to cover the ugly washing machine taps and power points.
This is where I usually place our washing detergent and cat food.
Next is the sink. I cut another matching wood sheet to fit over the sink so our cats can jump up on it and out the window. There is a cat run my hubby built outside the window, which also holds their litter tray. It's so much cleaner having it outside. And the sink cover can easily be removed and put back. And on the wall is my DIY Sunshine sign. 
Now, for the new floors. I used the same vinyl planks I used in the bathroom and toilet
The laundry had the same orange tiles as the bathroom so it made sense to do this room too. 

I also added a black curtain rod and hung a long curtain over the door (which we never use), and a shorter one over the window.
And behind the curtain is our ironing board. It doesn't get much use. Lol.
I hope you like my laundry room makeover!

But before I go...
REALITY CHECK - And when I'm not taking photos, we actually use the laundry!
So you'll find laundry detergent and cat food on top of the washer, and the laundry basket (new from Aldi) and cat bowls (new from Kmart) in here.
 (I'm still on the lookout for a cute detergent container and cat food container.)
Unfortunately I can't have the real plants in here in case the cats eat them. Maybe I'll add a few more faux ones.
:) Julie