Autumn Wood Slice Wreath and Book Page Leaf Garland

Happy Autumn Everyone!

I know I have a lot of followers overseas who are saying "Is she crazy? It's Spring". 
Well, not here in Australia. Today is officially the 4th day of Autumn.

And the cooler weather is finally here. 
To celebrate, I thought I'd make a new wreath.
I actually cut these wood slices from a real tree branch! 
Don't ask me what type of tree, it was in our wood pile. 
I started by arranging them in a circle. Then I cut out a circle of cardboard, large enough to glue them on.
The cardboard is also brown is it blends in just fine. 
I had a few spare slices so I created a double layer effect.
Lastly I added a burlap bow. 
I also created this cute old book page leaf garland.  I just guessed the left shape then threaded them on some twine.
Can you see my new sign insert in the background?
My 10 year old son helped me transfer the wording and filled it all in with marker by himself!
I love this saying. It makes me stop and think of all the blessings I have. 

:) Julie

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