New Early Settler Entryway Ivy Mirror

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today I'm sharing a new mirror I purchased from Early Settler for the entryway.
Its called the Ivy Mirror and its a beautiful light grey colour.

I had been admiring this mirror online for a while, but never saw it in store. Then it came on sale for half price and when my local store had one in stock, well, I like to call it fate. 

I mean who could resist those intricate details and distressed paintwork.

And its a massive 76 x 86 x 5cms!

And here is my new mirror alongside a sneak peak of my Easter decor. 
And in the reflection you can see my Parita Mango Wood Mirror, also from Early Settler.

Have you got a favourite homewares store?
:) Julie


  1. So beautiful Julie. So glad there is a place to comment now on your blog. For awhile I was visiting but there was no way to comment. Not sure if that was on my end. Just happy to be able to say Hi and what a beautiful entry way.
    Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks Chris! Yes, I didn't realise the comments were disabled until hubby mentioned it. It was definitely my end. Having gone back to work part time as a special needs teacher, I've had less time for blogging, but I'm finding a better balance now and am inspired again! I still read all your posts and have been following along on all your progress. Your posts always bring me inspiration. :) Happy Easter to you too! Julie


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