Aged Ikea Plant Pots

I'm tweaking my Ikea plants again today by giving their black pots an aged makeover.

Here's what I used:
- Sample pot of Dulux Hogs Bristle Quarter.
- Acrylic paint in the lovely shade of Moss Green.
- And my Ikea pots.
- Paint brush.
- Cotton wool balls.

It was a bit of "pot luck". Pun intended. Hehe. 
I painted the pots with one coat of Hogs Bristle.
Then I grabbed a cotton ball and dabbed on my moss green paint, blending as I went.
Then I did a dry brush of the Hogs Bristle over the top.

I also used less of the plant in my pot, making it smaller. I used some of the leave to make a cute Easter wreath. :) I'll show you that later.

 I'm pretty happy with how my pots turned out. 
And to compliment the one on our coffee table I placed it in my metal tray with my blue vintage lantern.

:) Julie


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