DIY Photinia Wreath and Entryway Restyled

Today I want to share with you my DIY Photinia Wreath. I've been wanting a large lush wreath for a while and haven't been able to find one. 

Until now. (Insert excited voice.)

I made this wreath in about half an hour for a cost of only $15.

And it now takes pride of place on my new DIY Hall Table in my restyled entryway.

I was shopping in Bunnings the other day when I saw these faux hanging garden squares in one of the isles. It's about 50cms square and has a plastic lattice on the back.

The best thing was I could easily cut off large sprigs from the main square.

For the wreath backing I used an old cane wreath I had stored away. I positioned my sprigs around my wreath, then using twine I wrapped each sprig onto my wreath.

I used another piece of thicker twine to hang my wreath.

And presto! A large, luscious, green wreath that was quick, inexpensive and easy to make.

I placed one of my old shutters on the hall table and hung the wreath in front. Then surrounded it with some of my favourite farmhouse decor items.

I also added my grateful heart sign that I made a while back.

Here is how my entryway used to look.

And this is my newly restyled entryway.