DIY Rustic Side Table

I'd been wanting a larger side table in the living room but everything I saw was a bit out of budget.

So, I built my own, from scrap timber we had, for free!

I used dark walnut stain on the side posts.  The top and bottom shelves were already clear stained so I left them as is. And to attach the shelves I used contrasting black screws.  For the side posts I used chunky metal bolts.

I've placed our new side table between the sofas for the moment.

It has plenty of room for our peace lily (caged so the cats don't dig it out), some marble drink coasters for our coffees, and ...

a blanket/cushion basket below.

I love it's rustic appearance and that it is a bit higher than the previous side table.

And did I mention it was free?!

:) Julie