DIY Farmhouse Shelves for $20

I have been wanting to add farmhouse style shelves to our house for ages. Problem was I couldn't figure out how to use our stud finder properly and didn't want to hang the shelves into bare plasterboard with the worry of them falling down.  But with hubby to the rescue, we found the wall studs in the lounge room and I was able to make my dream come true.

After marking up where my brackets would be placed, I took a trip to Bunnings for my supplies. 

I picked up 4 black metal wall shelf brackets for $1.50 each and a packet of black screws for $4 (technically I only used 8 screws worth $1.60 though).

I also bought a plank of pine measuring 1.8 metres for $12, and cut this in half to make my two shelves.  I haven't varnished or stained them yet, as I wanted to see how they looked up for a little while. 

And here's how I did it. For the first shelf I put up my first bracket, making sure it was straight.

Then I held my second bracket on the wall in line with the stud, and placed the shelf and the spirit level on top.
Then when everything was in line I screwed in my second bracket. 

I did the same with my second shelf. I haven't screwed the shelves onto the brackets yet as they sit on quite securely as is.

I really love how easy these shelves were to create and now I want to put up more!

To decorate my new shelves I added a few touches of Easter.

And my chalkboard "Gather" sign.

Plus I added a framed sign on the other wall.

And while I was putting the new shelves up I also decided to give the walls a coat of paint. I tried out the Dulux Snow Season Grey (same as the hall) in half strength, but it was still too dark for this room  and sort of looked a bit bluish, as you can see below.

So I went with Taubmans Breaker Beige, which is a warmer shade than the Natural White that was already on the walls and provided a nicer contrast to the white trims.

I also replaced the white nesting tables in the corner with a black round table.

And here is my corner before the shelves, repaint and restyle...

And after ...

I had been considering buying some shelves from Ikea which were $35 each, so this was a huge saving.

:) Julie