How to Create a Framed Pencil Sketch Portrait of Your House

I thought this project turned out so well that I decided to give it it's own post. 

I was looking for a farmhouse sketch drawing to frame for the toilet room, when I had a fabulous idea. 

I'd use our house, and I didn't even have to take a photo of it! 

Using Google Maps Street View I pulled up our house address and took a screen shot. 

Then I imported this photo into Picasa. Picasa has this great tool called Pencil Sketch which enabled me to turn our house photo into a sketch drawing. 

Then I simply printed my sketch on A4 paper. 

I spray painted an old frame in matt black, mounted my sketch to the mdf backing, and put it all back together. 

I love how this photo turned out. It's one to keep should we move house in the future. It would be cool to add some dates under the photo to remember when we lived here. 

Next up I'll be revealing the mini makeover in our toilet room, which includes my framed sketch.

:) Julie

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