Crushing on Faux Greenery and Clear Glass Vases and Bottles

So lately I've been crushing on faux greenery and gorgeous clear glass vases and bottles.  Just before Christmas I saw the above vase and faux flowers on the Adairs website. I was smitten. So I spoiled myself for my birthday and bought them.

I've put them on the secretary in the entryway. I especially love how shiny the glass vase is.

And this was the beginning of my obsession.

Let's head into the Dining Room.

On the Dining Table I have another gorgeous glass vase I purchased from Target a while ago. I originally had a candle in it, but after cutting down the stems of my hydrangeas, they look perfect together.  The cute little tray I picked up at Spotlight.

I also found some new additions for my sideboard.

The vase I found at Kmart last week for a bargain $5. Oh, yes, you read correctly. And the stems are also from Kmart. 

And this little glass vase I had in my stash. I just cut down some of my roses and popped them in.

My glass display cabinet now also holds a few faux succulents and topiaries.  All from Dollar Store and Ronnies.

Next we move into the Lounge Room.

On my coffee table is my favourite metal farmhouse style tray from Early Settler, which holds some candles and a faux plant from Ikea. 

This topiary is also from Dollar Store and I've displayed it in an old colander on a side table next to my lounge.

On the other side of the lounges I have another little plant.

The plant and tin planter are also from Ikea.

And on the corner cabinet ...

Another gorgeous clear vase, also from Kmart for only $3! It holds some more of my rose stems.

Some of the vases/bottles I've been pinning lately include these:
Source: Honeybear Lane

Source: Jena Sue Design

Source: House By Hoff

Source: Instagram

And I'm always on the look out for more now.  You can never have too many vases/bottles, can you?

:) Julie


  1. Like your uses of greens. The glass cabinet is very pretty


  2. Your faux plants are beautiful. I like Ikea too.

  3. So beautiful!! I love your beautiful home! Such gorgeous vignettes!!!!! Come to Georgia and make my home look like this. :)


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