Planked Farmhouse Dining Table - Finally!

I have been wanting to plank our dining room table properly for so long, but the cost of wood was just too much to justify it. So, instead I ended up faux planking it about 2 years ago.

UNTIL, Masters Hardware decided to close down and sell off all their wood for half price! 
I knew I would regret not getting the wood, so I did. :) 
It was fortunate that I took the table measurements with me, just in case, hehe.

When I got home I laid the planks out on our table. I got extra long ones as the length down would have been a few cms short. 

Hubby (as seen below, hehe) and I decided that nailing the planks to the top of the existing table would be easier than trying to screw them on from underneath. So we lined them up and hammered away.

Next, hubby cut off the ends so they were even and left a bit of overhang from the original table. 

Then we used a nail punch to hammer all the nails down below the table surface.

And then we puttied over all the holes. After they dried, I sanded the holes down flush with the rest of the table. And then gave the entire table a nice sand.

I had the hardest time deciding what colour I wanted to stain the table. 
So I grabbed some of the cut offs and mixed up a few variations using walnut and black stains, as well as a white wash.

I started off with a white wash, as you can see from the first plank below. 

Then, adding the black stain over the top gave the table a greyish brown weathered look which I was  really happy with.
Lastly I applied 3 coats of clear varnish to seal and protect the table.

Our table turned out perfect. You can barely see the nail holes.

And after placing back my newly acquired metal tray, it looked perfect!
Although I think I need a bigger runner now. 

So here is the before ...

and after ...

Finally I have my planked farmhouse table!

:) Julie


  1. The table looks great.The colour is perfect. I got a lot of things from Masters as well. I am sad they are closing down, wished they had downsized before it was too late.

  2. Just gorgeous Julie. Great job. What a wonderful transformation.

  3. Fantastic job and love the color of the table top


  4. Looks great! Loving the grey stain


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