Farmhouse Style Kitchen

I thought I would share a few changes in our kitchen.

For a start, our once blue lower kitchen cupboards are now white again!

As is our pantry!

I also made this DIY Farmer's Market sign.

And added a new cutting board on the wall. 
(I just need another one to cover up our internet cord!)

I reframed the chalkboard sign and added it where the mirror once was. 
I moved the mirror to the other side of the pantry.

A while back I painted the woodwork which adjoined the sunroom white.
To provide a bit of contrast, I decided to expose some of the wood again on the counter and side of the entryway. 

I scraped, sanded, revarnished and clear varnished. Yes, it was a big job.

The adjoining sunroom, which I had painted blue, has also been repainted a lovely shade of Dulux Limed White Half and matches in perfectly with the kitchen's Dulux Natural White walls.

And there you have it, our little farmhouse style kitchen restyled again. 

:) Julie


  1. Beautiful Julie. Love the kitchen sign in this kitchen we dance. Adorable.


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