Farmhouse Bathroom and Toilet Makeover

Our poor bathroom and toilet were also struck down with the "blue bug" a few months back.

I painted the window frame in the toilet, and

the bathroom vanity, and

the bathroom mirror frame. 

I'm happy to say all blue has now been removed. 

The vanity is again a lovely bright shade of white.

And after stripping the mirror frame, I gave it a coat of walnut stain, the a coat of white chalk paint, then wiped of the edges with a wet cloth to create an aged effect. Finally sealing it with a clear coat of varnish.

I also repainted the floral wall tiles white. This time they turned out a lot better, and you can hardly notice they are there against the rest of the white tile walls.

The jasmine in the jug vase is from our garden and smells gorgeous.

I kept my white Ikea shower curtain, but added the black Ikea curtain rings back on.
And added a new stone coloured floor mat.

I replaced the old faux tulips with some faux greenery in a tin bucket, both from Ikea. 
The grey soap dispenser I also got from Ikea.

And here is my new look toilet.

In the toilet, I started by purchasing some crown moulding to go around the walls above the tiles. I ruined the walls when I ripped the last crown moulding off so it was uneven and pained me every time I looked at it. 
So I measured the walls and cut my moulding to size.

As with the bathroom mirror, I added a walnut stain to the crown moulding, then applied a coat of white chalk paint, wiping it over with a wet cloth to remove paint from the edges and give an aged look. Then I sealed all the moulding with clear varnish.
Then I applied my moulding using strong double sided tape. I wanted to avoid all the damage I did last time with nails and Liquid Nails glue. This way it is strong enough to hold but easy enough to remove if I change my mind again. (Pray I don't.)

And as with the bathroom, I painted over the floral wall tiles with 3 coats of white primer and 3 coats of white enamel paint. 
These also came up a lot better than last time.

And I repainted the window frame white again. 

Both rooms are so much brighter now and I love the wood tones in the moulding and mirror frame.
I have plans to make some wood signs as well.  

So here is the before and after in the bathroom ...

Vanity and mirror before and after.

Mirror and wall tile before and after.

And the before and after in the toilet ...

And that's a farmhouse style wrap!

:) Julie