DIY Towel and Bathroom Signs

Recently I shared my bathroom makeover with you here.

Since then, I've made a few rustic/farmhouse signs to go in the bathroom.
I took another trip to Masters and scored some more half price planks, including one especially for the bathroom. And I also utilised some of the off cuts from my dining room table makeover.

For the large bathroom signs, I applied a black stain. For the wording, I printed off my lettering, cut it out and glued it on. I haven't used this method before but found it actually quite easy. I'm out of clear varnish, but I'll add a few coats when I pick some up, just to ensure my wording is protected from any steam in the bathroom.

I also wanted to make some personalised towel hook signs using our initials. 

The hooks came with the house and I've never really liked them, but given you don't see them when the towels are hung on them, I decided there wasn't much point replacing them. 

 Plus it was so much easier to just attach the signs above the hooks. 
Again, all I did was cut my off cuts to size, apply a walnut stain, then trace my letters on, leaving an indentation, which I coloured in with black marker. I'll coat these with clear varnish shortly also.

Here's a quick look before and after I hung the signs ...

I love our new bathroom signs. No confusing which room it is, that's for sure!

:) Julie