DIY Garbage Bag Halloween Cauldron

I found my inspiration for my cauldron here on Pinterest.

I didn't want to purchase an expensive bucket, so I used an old plant pot we had in the shed. I used a cardboard box to cut my curves out for the sides. And wrapped it all in electrical tape.

I had a small black table which I was able to unscrew the legs off, and this would form the top of my cauldron.

Here is where I cheated. Instead of using corpious amounts of tape and paper mashe, I simple covered my pot with a black garbage bag.

I next added some cushion stuffing for a smoky effect, and some green spiderweb, complete with spiders for a potion brewing effect.

Hubby came up with the idea of adding some fire wood to the bottom and I'll use some scrap red cardboard for my flames when I set it up on the porch on Monday. I'll post more picks in my Halloween Porch post.

So all I had to buy was the spider web for $2. 

Such a cheap option and I think it turned out well enough for my porch display this year.

:) Julie


  1. My kids would love to try your unique ideas. We use biodegradable garbage bags which should do the trick for your DIY methods. I will be looking forward to more DIY techniques from you.


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