Farmhouse Style Display Cabinet

When I caught the "blue bug", my display cabinet got off easy, with just the inner background receiving a coat of light blue paint. But with the bug now gone, the blue had to go too.

So I painted the inside white again. But you know me, can't keep a paint brush out of my hand.

I wanted to bring the wood tone back so I initially applied a walnut stain over the white paint.
Then I gradually dry brushed on brown and white paint, and wiped it off and blended it in to achieve an aged effect and a warm farmhouse feel.

I also added more neutral decor inside, including some lovely faux greenery.

Lastly I applied a clear varnish. I'm hoping not to change my mind again any time soon!

My cabinet also lives in a new spot in our living room now. 
I'm looking forward to sharing a full home tour shortly.

:) Julie


  1. Julie,
    This is just gorgeous. What a beautiful finish you achieved. Love it.


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