Plank Top Coffee Table

Wow, this coffee table has had a few makeovers in it's time. 

When I got it back in March last year it looked like this ...

 I sanded the top back and painted the legs black.
But there was this little grease mark on the top which always bothered me.
Nor was I overly keen on the parquetry style wood.

So a couple of weeks later I dry brushed white paint over the top, 
discretely covering the stain.

Three months later and I painted the legs white. (And rearranged my furniture, hehe.)

A few weeks ago I decided I wasn't totally happy with the dry brushing on top. 
So I tried to sand the top back again. 
Unfortunately my sander left lots of gouges in the top. 
It looked terrible. 
So to cover it, I went a little crazy and painted the top navy. 
I know, crazy right.

And you could still see the gouges. 

I really wanted to keep this table as I love the size. 
The only solution was to replace the top. 

I've never tried to plank the top of a piece of furniture so now was my chance.

I worked out my measurements and took myself off to Masters Hardware.

I picked up 7 planks of 89mm x 19mm x 1.2metres long. My table measured 118 x 60cms so this left me with a bit of overlap. And for only $3.49 a plank the total cost was just under $25. 

I screwed my planks in place from underneath, as well as using Liquid Nails to secure them in place. 
(Sorry, so busy I forgot to snap a picture.)

I decided to use one coat of black stain to make the planks look old and weathered.
I used British Paints Interior stain in Black.

Brushing the stain on and then wiping it off with an old t-shirt almost immediately.

Then I sealed the top with 3 coats of Cabot's Cabothane Clear for furniture.  

This coffee table gets a lot of use from the kids so I wanted to make sure it was thoroughly sealed and could just wipe clean. 

I am really happy with how it turned out. Definitely a keeper. 

:) Julie


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  1. Your table looks gorgeous!! Thank you for linking up to Talk of the Town.
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

  2. Hey Julie I love your table redo so much that it is going to be one of the features on this Tuesday's Talk of the Town..Just wanted to give you the heads up.
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

  3. Great way to give your table a new life! Thanks for sharing at Friday's Furniture Fix!

  4. Oh wow! Good choice! You did you a great job!


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