Painted Blue and White Flower Easter Eggs

I had a lot of white styrofoam eggs tucked away from last year that were just waiting for me to
add a bit colour to them.

I had a cute little wire egg holder I bought last year, so I gather enough eggs to fill it.

Keeping with my current theme, I got out my light blue paint,

and some tooth picks.

I came up with this great idea to use a cushion insert to poke my toothpicks into while the eggs dried.
But first I put down a piece of paper, just in case some paint got on the inserts. This worked so well.

Next I got out my white paint and a pencil that the kids were using that hadn't been sharpened yet. Which was good for me cause I wanted a flat circular end.
I dipped the end of pencil in the paint, then put three little dots together on my egg to form flowers.

I used the same "cushion insert paper toothpick drying technique".

And when they were dry, I popped them into the egg holder.


:) Julie


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