White Wreath Made From Sticks

I made this drop cloth rag wreath about 2 years ago. I was never really happy with it so I decided to re-invent it. :)

Firstly, I untied all the drop cloth knots. Don't worry, I'll be using the drop cloth strips for another project. ;)

Then I painted the tapestry hoop white.

I had been gathering sticks from our garden for a few weeks. I just needed to snap them to the desired size. (Note: Use gloves to avoid blisters. Wish I had taken my own advice!)

Then I grabbed my hot glue gun and was ready to go.

I started by laying out my sticks to get an idea how I would space them.
(I had to snap a lot more sticks to cover my wreath!)

Then I hot glued them all in place.

Next, I painted them with flat white paint and left to dry.

Lastly, I added a white fabric bow made from a strip of sheet.
And a small loop of jute twine on the back to hang it.

And I'm very happy with the outcome. :)

I love the rustic white wood.

And the bow.

And it is the perfect size.

Total cost of this restyle, zero as I gathered or had everything on hand.

I decided to hang my new wreath where the old wreath was, in the dining room.

Can you spot the cat? Lol.

And you might have noticed I've swapped out the bench seat for the original chairs. I just felt like a change. The bench seat is in the sunroom being used by the kids at their joint desk.

:) Julie


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