Lego Mini Figure Display Boxes

It was a rainy day in January with the kids on school holidays ...

To alleviate the boredom we decided to make Lego display boxes for their mini figures.

We had seen a display box at ToysrUs for $60 which held 16 characters. This was no where near going to hold the amount of figures my kids have and there was no way I was paying that price.

So I drafted up some rough plans and off to the hardware we went.
We got 3 lengths of timber, each 11mm x 30mm x 2.7m, totalling $12. This was plenty to make a large box for my son and a smaller box for my daughter. And, they came pre-primed with white paint which I was happy with as I decided I wouldn't really need to paint them.

After cutting up all my pieces, I used a right angle clamp glue and nail my frame, and then added my inside shelves. Then I traced the frame onto a sheet of spare MDF and cut it out.

I let the kids buy their own little rollers with paint trays for $3.20 each, and their own tubes of paint for $2.20 each so they could paint their display box backgrounds in a colour of their own choice.

When the backs were dry I nailed them on.

I got the kids to find flat lego pieces for their characters to stand on. 
Then I hot glued them to each shelf. Using the hot glue instead of super glue means we can remove those pieces if we want to in the future.

I glued them to the centres of each shelf to leave a bit of overhang for larger characters.

Then the kids put all their characters in. 

They still of lots of room for new ones too.

Total cost for both shelves was $23 which included the new paint and rollers, which I though was a bargain.

And it was a fun project to do with the kids as they got to be involved quite a bit.

And their characters look pretty cool on display too. 

:) Julie


  1. You are a super mom and a genius! Love this idea!

  2. These look great! How fun for the kids to have their own display case!


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