Gold Spray Painted Christmas Tree

I found this post here and decided I'd love to make my own gold Christmas Tree.

So I purchased a reasonably cheap green Christmas Tree from Big W for $25. It had lots of branches so I thought this was a great for the price.

Unfortunately spray paint isn't such a bargain. I purchased 2 cans of White Knight Gold Spray paint at $7.50 a can, and this was only enough to coat a third of the tree. So I had to purchase another 4 cans.  $45 in total.

I set up the middle of the tree on the stand, then grabbed all the bottom branches. I spread out all the tips on the branches and then clipped them in to the trunk of the tree.

Then I sprayed that layer. I tipped the tree over to do the bottom branches. 

This wasn't going to work on the next layers so after spreading out all the tips, I held each branch up and sprayed the bottom tips, then attached it to the tree and sprayed the top of the tips on each branch. And so on for every branch, going layer by layer.

There is very minimal green showing through but this is hardly noticeable and will probably be covered by decorations anyway so I'm not too concerned.

So total expenses were $70, way more than I was hoping to spend. But not too bad considering gold trees are hard to come by and the ones I could find were small and made of tinsel. I saw one a few years ago at Myer for around $300 that I had been dreaming of, but not at that price.  Now I have my own for a lot less and I'm happy with how it turn out. Only time will tell how the paint stands up.

Another thought I had was perhaps I could have bought a white tree and I wouldn't have had to worry as much about getting an even coverage as they white would have blended with the gold better. Anyway, maybe next time. :)

I decided not to make this my main tree this year and instead let the kids decorate this one for the sunroom.  We went with white tinsel and neutral decorations, with a sprinkle of red holly berries.

And a simple white star on top.

And at night ...

Sadly the tree looks more green than gold, especially at night. Again, it probably would have been better to go with a white tree to begin with. Oh well.

We just finished decorating the main tree in our living room and I can't wait to share that with you shortly!

:) Julie


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