Bedroom Tallboys Restyled

I have been wanting to restyled our bedroom tallboys for a while. 

I was growing bored with the stuck on old book pages and they were looking a bit grubby. 
So I removed all the drawer knobs and took to them with my scraping blade. It took a few days!

Then I applied a few coats of new white paint, 
followed by a couple of coats of clear poly.

I purchased a sheet of pine and cut it to size to fit over the top of both tallboys.
Then I stained it a nice shade of walnut and applied a few coats of clear poly to seal.

I also changed out all the drawer knobs for these beautiful chrome ones.

Lastly I tipped both cabinets sideways and screwed them together, 
and then screwed on the top and now both tallboys appear to be one big one.

So much better!

Before ...

And after ...

:) Julie


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