Weekly Reminder Chalk Board in the Entryway

So many people have weekly reminder chalk boards and now so do I!

I was finding I wasn't getting or missing the reminder alerts for appointments on my iphone and I'm always better with pen to paper so I now have this ...

I'm hoping to put my events in on the Sunday for the following week and then add where necessary during the week. Fingers crossed I can keep this up, unlike the meal menu white board which I made and used once. Terrible, I know.

Anyway, for this project I already had the chalkboard that I had made a while ago. I found some cardboard letters in my old scrapbooking stash and gave them two coats of white paint.

I measured up the chalk board and drew a line to mark off each day. 
Then I glued my letters to the chalkboard. Dunski!

It's been up for a few weeks in the entryway and it is definitely getting used.
Even the kids have started putting events in!

:) Julie

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  1. So sweet and simple, I love it!


  2. So cute and so nice the kids are using this too. Have a great week end.

  3. I've been stuck creatively, but seeing your chalkboard got me inspired. thanks for sharing this.


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