Wednesday's Projects Past - Numbered Grey and White Dresser

Would you believe the above dresser once looked like this ...

It was a roadside rescue that took me a long and embarrassing time to load.  I had to pull out 2 car seats and a pram and find extra muscles to heave it in the car. 

It was nasty on the outside. Dirty with lots of old stickers. But the shape was beautiful and the drawers were all clean and in good working order so I could see the potential.

I removed all the stickers and gave it a good sand. I didn't intend to distress it so I left the blue paint on.  Then I mixed up some grey chalk paint, gave it three coats and lightly sanded it again.  

Then I mixed up some white chalk paint and trimmed the top edge.  I spray painted the handles white to match.

Lastly I decided to number the fronts of all the drawers with white chalk paint. 

I also whitewashed the insides of all the drawers to add some contrast, then gave the entire dresser 2 coats of glossy clear varnish. 

This piece has gone to a children's bedroom in a holiday house.  Very cool, don't you think? :)

And if anyone was watching and laughing their butts off at me heaving that dresser in my car off the side of the road, look whose laughing now! :p


  1. Wow Julie, it looks GREAT! Love the numbers down the front!


  2. The dresser looks beautiful. I haven't yet tried chalk paint, but I need to. Thanks for the inspiration! Joan


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