Kids Hanging School Planner & Organiser

Usually when the kids come home from school their school bags are dumped by the door in a messy pile. We are forever searching bedrooms for library and homework bags. And their weekly planner is in the kitchen on the fridge. 

I wanted to keep them all organised neatly in one place. So I made them hanging planners/organisers.

All I used was 2 old picture frames and some old hooks.  I measured the centre of the frames and screwed on the hooks.

Then I typed up and printed off each child's weekly school planner to put in the frames.

I attached picture hooks to the back and hung them in the entryway behind the main door, relatively low down so the kids could reach them easily.

Now the kids can check what the have on each morning and grab the stuff they need. I also find it easier to pack school lunches and check bags for notes with them hanging here. 


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