Wednesday's Projects Past - DIY No Cost Wire Cutlery Holder

A long while ago I was coveting one of these ...

But I just couldn't justify the spend, so I decided to use what I already had to make a DIY No Cost Wire Cutlery Holder.

I used a round wire basket (thrifted at a yard sale), some old white coffee mugs, and some highball glasses we didn't use much.  I fit them all neatly into the basket and then added our cutlery, and the kids as well :)  The kids at the front and all the sharp pointy knives at the back in the glass jars, away from little fingers.

I used an old white vase which was the perfect size to store our larger knives. And our other utensils (most of which are in the dishwasher instead of the photo, hehe) I put in a white tin vase that I also got at a yard sale. Then I placed them all in a white tray (also something I had thrifted and painted myself) on our kitchen counter. 

It took a while to get used to not opening the utensil drawer, and we did use it for a good while, but eventually I gave up on the basket and put all the utensils back in the drawer. 

I still love this project though and wanted to share it with you again. 

:) Julie


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