Black and White Coffee Table Makeover

I made over this coffee table a few weeks ago with the intention of selling it. Every time I complete a piece of furniture I see if it is a keeper or not. This one wasn't, mainly because it was a bit too high and didn't match in with our rug. 

Here is the before photo.

I sand off the varnish on the top and applied a clear lacquer.

However there was this one spot which appeared to be an oil spot and was near impossible to remove completely.

It bugged me no end, so I decided to do a dry brush of white paint over the top, including that stubborn stain. Then I re-varnished it.

I kept the original darker stain on the legs and went over it with black chalk paint. I loved how my black desk turned out so I again used a wet cloth to wipe of the paint on the edges to let some of the original warm stain tones come through.

I was pretty happy with the result, however after a few weeks on ebay and with no sale I decided to keep it. You will see why in my next post!

:) Julie


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