Wednesday's Projects Past - Tick Tock Vintage Chairs

This week's project from the past is my Tick Tock Vintage Chairs Makeover.

These gorgeous vintage Queen Anne armchairs got a major makeover.
The seats and backrests were reupholstered with beautiful canvas drop cloth. 
New cushions covers in matching drop cloth were sewn with an opening at the back so they can be removed for easy washing.
And the woodwork was given 2 coats of white chalk paint, then lightly distressed to bring out the shape and detailing.
 Pocket Watch graphics (courtesy of The Graphics Fairy) were printed on drop cloth, then sewn around to prevent fraying, then attached to the backs of both chairs securely with fabric glue. 
I also created the words "Tick" and "Tock" on my Mac and they were printed and attached in the same manner as the graphics.

Notice the pocket watches are inverse colours of each other?  Don't you just love that?

Finally, the woodwork was given 2 coats of clear furniture wax to seal and protect.  It also adds a nice smooth glossy finish. 
Here's the before and after:
I love these chairs!
:) Julie


  1. So wonderful Julie. I love these chairs.

  2. I love them too, they look so great!


  3. These turned out so pretty!! Great job on these!!

  4. These are so charming--great job! Blessings, Cecilia


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