Wednesday's Projects Past - French 1 Franc Table and Black Chairs

This week's blast from the past is my French 1 Franc Table and Black Chairs.

Here is the before ...

After painting the table white and distressing the edges and top to give an aged and worn look, I decided to add a French graphic from "The Graphics Fairy" website.  She is the only go to website for the most amazing vintage graphics. I loved this one as it was round to match the table.  I also loved it because it was rather simple to use the trace method of transfer.
So I uploaded the graphic to the "Block Posters" website to enlarge it.  I love this website because it is so easy to use, and its free! 

So after enlarging and printing if off on numerous A4 sheets of paper, I pieced and taped it together.  

I then found the centre of the table with my tape measure and placed a pin in it.  Then I tied a piece of string to a pencil and the pin, and tried to evenly draw a circle around the outside of the table.  I wanted to make sure I had the centre as accurate as possible and I also wanted to add a plain border to the graphic.  Then I folded my picture in half both ways to find the centre.  Then I pinned the pin to the centre of the paper, then the centre of the table.

Using a pen I traced the graphic, apply pressure and retracing as I went.  This left an impression on the table.  In natural daylight I could see the impression clearly and then traced it with a lead pencil.  I filled it in with grey paint and then sanded to give a distressed effect to the image.

To finish off the top of the table I applied 2 coats of clear furniture wax to seal and protect.

Next I tackled the chairs.  I decided to use only 2 of the 3 chairs. Both were sanded and then given 2 coats of gloss black spray paint.  

The perfect setting for breakfast or coffee.

:) Julie