Little White Vintage Drop Front Desk 2

Remember I told you I was sending my cute vintage drop front desk to a new home? 

Well, I did. Really. Promise.

But what I didn't tell you was that I did this because I found another identical vintage drop front desk that I was restyling to put in it's place. :)

The new desk I again painted white, but lined with my favourite original vintage sheet music. 

And in the drawer as well. 

So I didn't really part with my beautiful desk, I just replaced it with an identical one, restyled more to my taste. :)

:) Julie

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  1. Well check that out, that sure doesn't happen very often! It looks beautiful, I love the sheet music detail.


    1. I know Tania. I couldn't believe it myself. :) Julie

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sandy! BTW - your Christmas tree looks amazing!! :) Julie

  3. What a great secretary style desk-love how you styled it too! The sheet music is a great touch!

    1. Thank you! Old sheet music is one of my favourite things. :) Julie


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