Dulux Whites - Colour Help Please!

It's so frustrating that you can like a colour on one wall in one area of your home, and that exact same colour looks totally different on a different wall in a different room in a different light. In fact, you can have the same colour in the same room and have it look totally different on different walls, depending where the light falls. And so begins my frustration.  Anyone would think I sit and stare at the walls all day and night. Well, just maybe I do. Haha. 

Which brings me to the new colour in our lounge and dining areas, that is all of a week old. 

Every wall appears different and some walls look dreadfully yellow in certain lights. So, I'm back to researching paint colours again.  The sort of good news is that I'm leaning towards a shade of white. Or not. Have you seen how many different whites there are!

Yesterday, after much Googling, I bought 4 litres of Dulux White on White.  The colour swatch in the shop makes it look like a really bright pure white.

Today, I painted the kitchen and the sun room. And after just one coat, the sunroom looks good, but the kitchen (which is not as bright) has an awful blue tinge to it which many other bloggers have mentioned also experiencing. Arughhhh!!!!!  It's all in the lighting I tell you.

So out with the Dulux Whites colour brochure again. I narrowed it down to Natural White and Antique White USA.  They have been voted the top 2 paint choices by Dulux.

The only issue here is that hubby and I both painted the entire house Antique White USA when we moved in and after a year or so I felt like it made the house feel cold. Then again, it might just have been cause it was Winter, but I won't admit that. 

Here I might add that since the initial paint, hubby has refused to help repaint any rooms as he said he did it once, and that was enough. If I want to keep changing it, then I can do it alone. And I have. The living room has been a pale blue, sunny yellow, Hogs Bristle brown, and the current Chalk USA, and I'm still not happy. I'm sure the room is smaller from the various layers of paint I've applied!

Going back to Antique White doesn't feel like the best decision either, but then again ...

So I grabbed sample pots of both and have done swatches on the walls in the kitchen and living room. The Natural White is brighter and  the Antique White is browny/creamier. But overall, the difference in shades is minimal, at night anyway.  I guess I will do the "right" thing (so not like me at all) and instead of rushing ahead I will see how the swatches look tomorrow in daylight at different times of the day.

Have you had any experience with Dulux shades of white? Do you have a preference?  

Thanks, J


  1. I feel your pain Julie on paints and how they react in each room to the light. I usually take a chip and hang it on the wall morning, noon and night so I can see how the color will look each part of the day. Good luck with all the white choices. I have used Behr Cottage White and it is white but with a tint of grey. With that said in each room it takes on a subtle color. I have mixed it with greys and creams and whites easily and it seems to keep it colors throughout the different light that comes into the room.

    1. Thanks Kris. We don't have Behr here but I just looked it up and it seems quite creamy on my laptop (again, the colour looks different on the computer!). But I have seen your walls and love them so you picked a wonderful colour. I can see how there is a hint of grey there too. I had a big discussion with hubby yesterday and we both agreed on Dulux Natural White. It is No. 2 favorite colour on their website so I've gone with majority. I've been painting non stop so hopefully I'll get the living room finished today. It is looking good this morning so fingers crossed! Thanks for your help Kris. x J

  2. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. For some reason your comment didn't come up in my emails, so I'm replying here. My bff found the chairs in a charity shop and knew I would love them, she's the best !
    Paint colours are such a dilemma, but my house is mostly white because I have so much stuff it's a good backdrop. Also my house is small so white makes it feel bigger, and I just go for basic brilliant white.
    Good luck with choosing, I'm sorry I can't be more help. Following you back !


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