Old Painting Habits Die Hard

I can't believe it. Just when I thought I was executing my painting like a pro, in my last post, Fixing Our Walls, Trim and Board and Batten, I said I did 1 top coat on my doors and trim.  What was I thinking??  Oh yeah, that was the old me. The new me is doing 2 top coats.  Given the patchy single coat walls we have, at least 2 top coats is the only way to go with every paint job for me from now on.

I have literally today gone back and done my second coats. No scrimping ever again! I promise. :)

But then I got to thinking that I probably only really needed one coat of the Primer Sealer as well. It's not like they were raw timber or a very dark colour. Arguh! Still learning. 

It is such a miserable rainy day here in Sydney that the kids have mindlessly chilled out in front of the TV to watch Turbo and I have got stuck into more of the doors and trim in the hallway.

I've sanded all the trim and doors (except for the bathroom ones as they are going to be a pain and will need scraping.  Then I taped everything, applied one base coat of Zinsser 123 Primer Sealer and 2, count them 2, coats of British Paints H20 Enamel in Semi Gloss in White, sanding lightly in between coats. And, spot checking for drips to fix before they dried. 

When you knuckle down and do it, it really doesn't take that long to do. Our trim and doors are in pretty good condition so the only prep was to sand them with a 150 grit sanding block, dust and them vacuum everything, tape, and I was all set to paint.

I'm getting there. :)


  1. Good luck Julie with the painting project. I cannot wait to see it finished. I know it will be amazing.

    1. Thanks Kris. I can't wait to see it finished too! Hehe. Hope you are well. Julie


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