DIY Farmhouse Style Easter Sign

The large picture I have on the wall in our dining room is magic.  Or so the kids thought when it kept changing.  :)

When I originally made this picture from a sheet of MDF, I framed it with some strips of pine which I then stained a nice contrasting shade a brown.

So it usually looks like this ...

Then at Christmas it magically looked like this!  I had the brilliant idea as there was already a frame, I could cut a piece of MDF to fit inside the frame and tah-da, I had a "removable" Christmas sign.  You can see that I cut the corners off so I can easily take the insert out.  I added a bit of blue tac to the back of the insert to keep it from falling out.

So for Easter, I flipped the MDF insert over and created my Easter sign.

I decided I wanted to create a wood panel effect so I dry brushed some panels in with white paint.

Then I decided on my wording and some pictures and transferred them on and painted them in with black paint.

Finally I gave it all a rough sand to create an aged effect.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. :)

The basket on the table is also a new addition.  I got it at yard sale a while back.  I've fit my vintage milk bottles inside and then placed a rose in each bottle.  I plan to switch the roses out for tulips closer to Easter. :)

Hope you like my "magical" new sign. :)



  1. Julie,
    This is awesome. I love it. What a great way to change out every holiday. Love your magical new sign.

  2. Hi Julie,
    Really love your Easter Sign, what a clever idea, I love that! and you did a fabulous job on it too.
    Every home needs a magic sign..............I sort of do that, but I take different pics or Christmas cards
    and tape them to the front of pictures, and sometimes I will add a background paper or something, but
    they definitely add to the festivity of the Season.
    Blessings hon, Nellie


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