Our Bathroom Restyled!

Remember when I painted our vanity and mirror a dry brushing of mint green paint? 

It lasted longer than I would have thought, until I changed my mind again. :) 

Originally they were a varnished woodgrain, but that just made them blend into the orange tiled floor.

Now, the vanity and mirror are white! They make the bathroom look so much brighter.

I'm so embarrassed to show you our floor tile grout, but here is the nasty before photo ...

 Before I decided to paint the grout white that is. :)

The grout was a brown sort of greyish colour and just looked dirty all the time.  I hated it. I did some much research about how to change it, then finally decided just to paint it.  I used Zinnier Primer with Stain Block and using a stiff brush, brushed a thick coat of paint over the grout, then wiped with excess paint off the tiles with a wet paper towel.

Here is the result ...

 The floor literally shines now!  I'm not sure how long it will hold up, but given our bathroom floor is so small, another coat would be super easy to do when or if it needs it.  I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.

I also came across a post for cleaning shower glass and use it all the time now on the whole shower (while I'm showering).  Its just dishwashing liquid with vinegar, add a bit of warm water in a spray bottle and shake.  Just spray it all over the shower, clean myself, then rinse off.  I do it about once a week and it makes the shower sparkle! Our shower has never looked so clean!  All those sudsy little finger prints come right off. :)

But for those times when I don't have time to clean the shower and guests are coming, I installed a rod above the glass shower wall and using some cool shower curtain black clip rings from Ikea, I installed a cheap white shower curtain.  Love it!

The original bathroom also had a horrible row of floral tiles around the entire room.  I simply used some tile paint and painted them white. 

Have you heard of memory foam shower mats?  I got one a few days ago and love it! It feels so soft and luxurious under foot, and dries super fast, even in Winter! And it's machine washable. Did I mention it was half price? :)  I went with green cause we still have green towels and I'm happy to use green accents.  Including this vintage green footstool that I picked up for $5 at a yard sale.  It is perfect to sit on when drying the kids after their bath. (And look at that white grout!)

I also got this super cute hand soap dispenser and soap holder by Linen House at My House for half price a few days ago.  Bargain!  I love the green floral designs on them.  I have been looking for new ones for ages.

So over all I'm really happy with our bathroom restyle. :)   

Enough blogging for tonight, I'm off to clean myself, and the shower. ;)

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  1. Everything looks so fresh and new! I need to paint my cabinet soon!♥♫

  2. Hi Julie! Thanks for the sweet comment that you left on my blog (cottage4c). Our styles are similar, for sure!
    I love your restyled bathroom. I had no idea that you can paint grout. Such a good think to know! Sometimes no amount of scrubbing or cleaning products works. Your floor looks brand new. Great job!

  3. i liked it last redo, but love it now- so light and fresh and bright!


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