Little Girls Pink Bedroom Makeover!

Over the school holidays I decided to let the kids redecorate their bedrooms, under my guidance of course. ;)

We started with Holly's room. Here is what her room looked like before ...

Pretty, but just a bit too grown up for my 5 year old. She wanted pink, and lots of it. :)

We started with the walls first. They went from Hog Bristle (light tan) to Precious Pink using a sample pot for $6.

Then we mixed up 3 packets of wall stickers around the wall costing $15.

I purchased 2 cans of Pink Flamingo spray paint at $10 a can and sprayed her main light shade...

... and bed which were originally cream colours.

I had a fairytale style mirror in my stash so it also got a Flamingo Pink make over and hung on her wall. I also replaced her tan floral fabric lamp shade with a pink polkadot one for $5.

Her old tan block out curtains were replaced with pink block outs for $29.

And no little girls room would be complete without a pink over the bed canopy for $12.  She loves the way the netting falls around the sides of her bed.

The new Lala Loopsy Quilt Cover was an early birthday present.  While the cute butterfly cushions was only $7.  The bed lights I made out of old christmas lights and fairy cupcake papers I had on hand.

Her name sign was from her last birthday party decorations, ...

... as was the bunting.

I would have liked to get her a new rug, but nothing has caught my eye yet.

The total room make over was just under $100.  My daughter's happiness with her new room - priceless.

So now my little angel is pretty in pink, just the way a 5 year old should be. :)


  1. Well oh my goodness, that is simply adorable!
    I love all of it, and I love your creative ideas!


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