Little Boys Bedroom Makeover!

Over the holidays my 3 year old son's bedroom also got a mini makeover which I'm thrilled to share with you.  

So let's take a quick tour. 

As you walk into Lochie's room you see his dress up corner.

I added navy sheets costing $14 over the top of his tan coloured block out curtains to make it more colourful.  My son wanted blue walls so it was a compromise.

And the Rockstar hook hanger is a new addition for $5.
The mirror I had spare and same with the blue plastic storage box.

Above the dress ups we added some cute car wall stickers for $5.  The old number plate is from one of my husbands first cars.

His main light shade I swapped for a smaller industrial style one for $5.

It lets so much more light into the room and looks a lot better than the larger one I had previously hung. 

 Above his bed we hung his name sign which I had created for his birthday party last year.

The DIY board and batten walls are also a recent addition.  And I kept the Hog Bristle up the top.

We did however add some cute dinosaur wall stickers for $10.

I recently moved his Ikea drawers back to his room and kept his matching side table. He currently has a Thomas rug, but I'm searching for a more neutral one.

I also bought him a new bedside lamp a short while back which I think is really cool and industrial style and cost approx $25.

We purchased the Dinosaur quilt cover for $16.

Mickey and Sully love sleeping with Lochie.

I love Lochie's white wooden bed as it is low enough for him to climb into.

So here is the before and after ... 

The before was just a bit too grown up.

And now his room is dino terrific! :)  And for approx $100 all up including the new walls.

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