DIY Drop Cloth Laptop Cover

I have been wanting to make a cover for my laptop for a while now but have been procrastinating.  
But when the colder weather hit, that was when I remembered just how cold my little metal MacBook Air can get! If you have one, you know EXACTLY what I mean.  It feels like a little ice brick to pick up, and forget about putting it on your lap, unless you want your legs to freeze and fall off!

So, here is my little laptop cover creation I whipped up last night.

I used some scrap drop cloth fabric and batting I had in my stash so the cost was nadah.

I was originally going to fold the sides over, but then decided to secure it with elastic in the corners.  Luckily, cause I just realised this morning that I wouldn't have been able to plug the charger cord in the side if I covered it!

All I had to do was cut my batting to the same size as the outside of the laptop.  Then I cut my drop cloth leaving a 3cm border.  This allowed me to fold the edges of the fabric over itself once, then over the batting.  I sewed around all the sides twice.  

To hold the laptop in, I sewed elastic in each corner.

The little frill on the front was also from my stash so I simply sewed it straight along the front of the cover.  

And I love it!  Not only is it pretty, it keeps my little laptop toasty warm. 

I think I might even have to make one for my Kindle next. ;)

x Julie


  1. That is so cute--what a great idea. I am always trying to cover modern things...can't live without them, but don't like looking at them :)

  2. Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!


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