I'm Sure the Furniture Moves Itself & An Awkward Little Corner

Haha, well not really.  But it moves so constantly hubby doesn't even notice half the time any more, either that or he has given up saying anything.

Well, they say a change is as good as a holiday, so hubby should be thanking me, cause our house is on holiday every day!

Especially this little corner of our lounge room.  It has always been an awkward area.  Here is how it currently looks ...

But there have been many changes to this corner.

Today I thought I'd share some of the many restyles ...

December 2011
Yes, I hung a branch from the ceiling, hehe. We moved in 6 months prior and I wasn't that into decorating back then, as you can see.

March 2012
I got my decorating groove on! 
I called this my cozy corner, although I never found the time to sit in it!

May 2012
I so wanted to keep this vintage lounge I restyled, but it found a new home.

November 2012
Then along came the shabby white corner cabinet and new curtains.

9 December 2012
Deck and halls! 
Bye bye writing desk, hello vintage white display table.

March 2013
Then along came my beautiful glass display cabinet. And an old ladder replaced my corner cabinet. 
The walls also changed from Antique White to a warm shade of Hogs Bristle.

And currently ...
Welcome back corner display cabinet and a new little writing desk, plus white cotton certains. Although out of view, next to the desk is my glass display cabinet, now a gorgeous shade of white.

I wonder what tomorrow might hold for my awkward little corner .... :)



  1. Julie,
    I loved seeing all the changes in your little corner. My favorite is the March 2013. I like the ladder in the corner. I am sure what ever you do it will look gorgeous. Happy transforming!!!!!

    1. Thanks Kris. I've kept the ladder cause I like it too, but it's in a different corner now. Hopefully I'll get some full room pics done soon. :)

  2. Your little corner looks anything but awkward! It's beautiful!

  3. I enjoyed seeing all the changes through the years. Love the ladder, it looked great!



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