Last Christmas ... I hung a tree branch above our dining table

Yep, you heard me right.  I loved it last year and wanted to share this idea again this year. 

I literally plucked this large fallen branch out of our garden and tied it to the ceiling over our dining table last year.  Then I decorated it with Christmas ornaments.  So easy and cost zero.

Wow, I can't believe how bare our walls were last year!  Isn't it fun looking back and seeing how much your styles and tastes can change.  I know now that I am more of a neutral white Christmas kinda girl. :)  But back then ....

I'd probably decorate it a bit differently if I did it again.  Maybe even have given it a white spray paint, but overall it was something different and certainly a focal point at lunch on Christmas Day.

This year I have something totally different to share .... soon. :)


  1. Julie thank you for sharing this!I missed this last year! What a cool idea!

  2. Seriously? How cool is this idea? It looks awesome Julie.... I love the Tree too xx Nat
    PS - sharing on FB too

    1. Aw... Thanks Nat! That is so sweet of you! x Julie

  3. Very cute....Love the idea and the tree.


  4. What did u use to hang it up on the ceiling? Love this!

    1. Thanks! Good question, I don't remember. I think one end was tied to an air conditioning duct somehow and the other I may have used a 3M removable hook.


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