Christmas Decorating and a Feather Wreath

All of this year's Christmas cheer has been confined to the lounge and dining areas, with our tree in the sunroom. 

Yesterday I decided to do a small display on this table in our lounge room. 

The trees were all purchased on sale, and the other items I picked up at garage sales last year.

I love my little reindeers.

 Last year I also purchased 2 bags of feathers (white and cream), but never got around to doing anything with them.  

But with the help of a thrifted cane wreath and some hot glue, I made this beautiful feather wreath last night to hang in the lounge room.

 Yes, those feathers are as soft as they look. :)

And I think my decorating is all done. :)

With only 2 weeks till Christmas!

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  1. Beautiful wreath and Holiday decor! Love, love the little reindeers!

  2. LOVE your feathr wreath and the shutters, julie! very sweet room:)


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