Old Desk Restyle With Vintage Sheet Music

Here is my desk with its lovely new makeover...

This is how it looked after the first makeover ....

And this is how it looked when I first got it ....

I decided to freshen it up a bit with some new skills I've leant over the last year. 

 I updated the paint with a couple of fresh coats of white paint.

Then I Modge Podged the top with vintage sheet music pages.

And replaced all the drawer knobs with new ones.

To finish it off I added an original old ornate key plate.  It came off an old kitchen cupboard door.  I have left it the original aqua colour, complete with rust.  I love that it is so unique, and so pretty. :)

 I kept my original aqua polkadot contact in all the drawers.  I just love that pop of colour.


  1. Julie - I love it! I am busy making over a side table and was thinking it looked a little blah - now I know what I am going to do with it!

  2. Great way to give it some pizzazz, Julie! I love it!


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