5 Year Old Fairy Party

Welcome to Pixie Hollow!

Allow me to take you on a tour of our party...

I did all the decorations myself, except the Tinker Bell birthday sign.  I did print out Holly's name and attach it on the bottom though. :)
Then there was wall to wall streamers and balloons and a cardboard bunting and tissue paper flowers. 
I put together a kids picnic style table using 2 toy shelves flipped over and laid down together on a green plastic tablecloth, then covered with a sheet of white material.  On top is faux grass that a lovely friend gave to me.  It was the perfect size.  I used a flower pot to bouquets of of flowers for the centrepiece, and scattered fabric flower petals down the centre. The leaf cushions I sewed for the kids to sit on. 

At the far end of the room was a table of "parent food and drinks" with one of my vintage mirrors propped up.  Sorry, not the best pic. 

In the left hand corner I had my turquoise numbered side table discretely holding all the party activities.

I also printed off a large picture of Tinker Bell to stick on the wall.

At the other end of the room I had a table with the cake!  
And above that you can see the Pixie Hollow sign that I also made from a twine wreath, glitter and streamers. 

And here is a close up of the cake.  I purchased the small fairies and a larger Tinker Bell.  I had the little Fairy House from another toy.  I used cutters to make the flowers and stars and leaves with fondant.  The inside was banana cake.  Yum!  I propped it up on an upside down paper covered bowl to give it some height, and decorated the base with fondant flowers and lolly toadstools. 

Our back porch also got a few balloons and party decorations.

 And here is my beautiful little fairy! 

 I got her hair styled at the hair dressers in the morning.  I'm not good with hair and with turning 5 and being a fairy I thought it was a very special occasion. :)  She loved being pampered too.

 Here is my little fairy with her William the Wizard 3 year old brother.  
I made his outfit based on William from Magical Tales.  Zaparoo!

 For the children, I made individual lunch boxes made from cake boxes.  
Each of the girls ones came with a flower napkin that had a Tinker Bell ring wrapped around it for them to keep.

 So here they all are at the fairy and wizard picnic table on their leaf cushion seats having a picnic. :)  
And I almost forgot, while we were waiting for all the guests to arrive, the kids got to make their own fairy jewel wands (see on the table).  I purchased foam stars and stuck them to coloured sticks.  The kids then glued on the jewels.  They got to take the wands home.

All the kids also got bubble wands and went out the back to blow bubbles.  The weather was perfect. The wands were a take home item as well.

 We played pass the parcel.  I purchased stickers and toy necklaces and alternated them between the wrapping.  The main gift was a Tinker Bell book that I purchased.

 And then all the fairies made flower headbands.  I purchased the plastic headbands and stuck double sided tape around the top.  We peeled off the backing and the kids stuck the flowers on.  The flowers were pulled apart from bouquets I purchased.  Another take home item. :)

 While the fairies made flower headbands, the 2 little wizards decorated cardboard wizard hats with stick on stars. 

 Then we had the birthday cake. 

And finally the guests all received lolly gift bags and a marshmallow pop to take home.
And with arms loaded up and full bellies, I think the party was a success. :) 


  1. Julie,
    What a fun transformation! My daughter would have loved this!!!! That cake looks amazing too! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  2. Aw what a beautiful day! The party looks like it was a huge hit and your kiddos are gorgeous! Happy Birthday to your new 5 year old xxx Nat

  3. It looks like a great birthday she looked beautiful and like they all had a good time. The cake looks great.



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