Sad Faces and Sympathy Please

I am so sick with the flu. :( 

And now my two babies have got it too!  Now who is going to look after me? ;) 

I feel so miserable, but even more miserable seeing my babies sick and coughing and losing their voices too.  Hang on, losing their voices.  Hallelujah!  Kidding.  

So not much DIY going on here ..... okay, you know me too well.  Of course I'm doing something. :)  I'm painting my other set of lounge room wooden french doors.  Slowly, very slowly, and only after the Cold and Flu tablets kick in and give me a burst of energy.  

So looks like it will be a slow start to July.

But I'll keep you posted! :)


  1. Julie,
    No painting.Rest and get better.Hope you are ALL feeling better really soon.
    (((((GET WELL HUGS)))))

  2. Hope you all recover quickly.

  3. Miss Julie, get yourself tucked up in bed with your babies and REST. That is the only way to beat the flu. Painting and crafting will wait until you have your energy back again.
    Hope you feel better soon ♥


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