Little Girls Beautiful Bedroom Make Over

I'm very excited to share my 4 year old daughter's beautiful new bedroom make over. 

Enjoy the tour. :)

Although I don't have a good before photo, almost everything has changed.

Firstly, the walls were painted in Antique White USA.  
Then I chose some very cute pictures and framed them in white frames.  I arranged them close together collage style on one of her walls.  I love the arrangement.

Her original white wooden bed was positioned on the opposite wall under the window.  It has now moved to my 2 year old sons room.  Her new bed was an ebay purchase.  I love the vintage design. 

Her dresser was a freebie that came with the bed and was repainted turquoise. 
(You can see the tutorial in a recent post.) 

Her matching side table (also a freebie) was repainted white. 
And her lamp base was painted white (originally pink) and the shade (originally pink also) was recovered in red and white check fabric I had in my material stash.

I splurged on the bedding from Adairs about a year ago but it ended up in the cupboard when I bought her a different one.   So technically it didn't cost me anything for this make over. :)  I love the vintage patchwork design incorporating gorgeous tones of pink, turquoise and aqua.

Her door sign was also a DIY project I featured in a recent post.  
On the right of the door is her mirrored wardrobe which takes up the entire wall!

We had new lights put in the entire house recently and this is the crystal antique bird cage style chandelier I chose for her room.   Gorgeous, isn't it. That would have to be the main big splurge.

She used to have heavy yellow/cream coloured block out curtains.  I've replaced them with sheer white tab tops and tied on cute little ribbons across the top. 

This is a view below the window. The storage basket under the stool came with a Christmas gift basket, and the white cane basket was a gift. We use it for soft toy storage.
I'm thinking of moving the doll house to on top of the stool, instead of the dresser, so she can play with it. The stool was also a garage sale find and has been repainted and the seat padded and covered in polkadot fabric.

I'm not completely finished.  I still have a blank wall above her bed.  I might try to find some large pretty prints for here or perhaps some shelves. :)

Overall I'm really pleased with the make over and I now have one vey happy little girl. 

:) Julie

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  1. Looks fantastic! All the details are just perfect, and I love the ribbon ties on the curtains!

  2. I love the bedding you chose. What a zap of colour in a clean white room. Where did you find all the art that you framed? very pretty!

    1. Thanks Bronwyn! Yep, was not sure about the colour, but now think it works perfectly. :) The pictures were picked for their colour and because they related to topics my daughter could relate to. :) She tells me a story about each one. I'm also your newest follower. I'd love you to follow me back. Thanks for dropping by. x J

  3. I love the quilt! And, I see you're a Sarah Jane art fan, too!

    1. Thanks Jo! I'm also your newest follower. I'd love you to follow me back. Thanks for dropping by. x J

  4. Oh my!! What a wonderful room!! My daughter (2) is right beside me and thinks it's her room. hehe Her room isn't even finished... her mattress is on the floor. hehe So it's definitely not her room! hehe

    Check out my blog too :)

  5. Hi Julie. You've done a fabulous job in your daughter's room. It's soo sweet! That bed frame is lovely and I really like the details you added. Don't you love freebie furniture? It's my favorite. : ) I see you're in Australia, have a happy Sunday!

    ~ Catie

  6. Hi Julie,

    Your daughter's room looks lovely. I'm hoping you might be able to help me out. I too used the same quilt cover on my daughter's bed and am desperately trying to get hold of another. I don't suppose you recall the name of it? I got it at adairs a couple of years ago now and don't have the packaging :(

    Thanks Alison

    1. Hi Alison, Same here. I got it a few years ago from Adairs and can't recall the name. Maybe you could ask at Adairs. They might remember or be able to look it up. Good luck!


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