Easy Ikea Drawer Make Over

We had bought the ever popular Ikea Aneboda Chest of 3 Drawers and Bedside Table a couple of years ago for our son's room and they have been great!  Great, but very plain.  I also didn't like the way you could see what was in them through the front panels.  So ....
I decided to cover the front panels.  Using a thick old cardboard box, I cut out rectangles to match the size of the front drawer panels.  As the panels sit in a bit from the front of the drawers, the cardboard when inserted sat flush with the front.  I covered the cardboard with red and white check fabric, then hot glue gunned the panels to the fronts of the drawers.  
I also covered the drawer of the side table the same way.
They look so cute and totally fit in with the style of my son's room.
And now you can't see all his shoes and clothes shoved inside. :)

This makeover cost me nothing as I used left over fabric.
A very quick and easy furniture makeover with cardboard and fabric!


  1. Wow, that really dressed it up in a flash. It doesn't even look like the same piece of furniture. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Too cute! Love the checked fabric. Visiting from Project Queen.


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